You Won’t Believe These Coca-Cola Facts

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You Won’t Believe These Coca-Cola Facts

Coca-Cola Logo Inverted Colours January 2016

Did you know that Coca-Cola owns Christmas?  Okay, you may have heard this one before.  The red and white colours traditionally associated with Christmas come from early advertisements for Coca-Cola.  But, we bet your mind will be absolutely blown by the following facts about the soft-drink giant.

Incredible Facts about Coca-Cola

  1. 3.1 Percent of the World Drinks Coca-Cola

Roughly 55 billion beverages are consumed by the people of the world on a daily basis – a figure which excludes water.  Of those 55 billion drinks, over three percent are Coke products.  This might seem exceptionally large, but remember that Coke has an incredibly diverse range of beverage offerings.

  1. You Can’t Name Every Coke Company Beverage

Go on and try… you won’t even get half way.  The drinks giant boats an offering of over 3500 beverages, which is a little more than you see in the drinks aisle of your local supermarket.  Nevertheless, if you had to hunt them all down and drink one per day, you’d still be trying new drinks 9 years from now.

  1. Coca-Cola Is Better than NASA

The Apollo program saw 9 manned missions go to the moon, of which six landed on its surface.  This is a paltry offering compared to the fact that, if you stacked every bottle of coke ever produced end upon end, the line would go the moon and back more than 2000 times.  This is on the condition that all the liquid ever produced was contained in the glass bottles that have become collector’s items.

  1. Coke Could Be Its Own Country

The company brings in around 35 billion dollars in revenue per year.  This places it ahead of a lot of nations on the list of global economies.

  1. South Africans Drink Coke Over Two Thirds of the Year

According to Coke’s research, South Africans drink 260 Coke products per person per year.  However, if this seems like rather a lot, never fear.  Each US citizen drinks 401 Coke products per year, which is still negligible compared to Mexico’s 745 products per year.  That means each Mexican drinks about 2 Coke beverages every day.

So, is your mind officially blown?  1.7 billion Coke fans can’t be wrong.  This drinks company is officially a global giant.  With the average person drinking a Coke product every four hours, the brand with the red and white colour scheme should officially be regarded as an icon.

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