Pet Insurance South Africa: Medical Aid for Pets Reduces Suffering and Shouldn’t Be Optional

Health insurance helps reduce pets pain and suffering

As things stand, there is a great deal of animal suffering the world over.  This is not necessarily down to abuse, but can simply be the result of age or sickness.  Numerous animal charities around the globe are trying to reduce the amount of animal suffering, but their efforts could be greatly supplemented by one simple thing: pet insurance.

The pet insurance South Africa uses, covers sickness and accidental injury on the part of pets, thereby greatly diminishing the suffering of covered pets.  If this could apply to every pet in South Africa, and even around the world, animal suffering would become a rarity.  This could be a reality if medical aid for pets was made mandatory.

This is precisely what the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament has been considering lately.  Petitioners have stated that animal owners will often deny their pets necessary treatment if the veterinary bills are too high, and thus believe that pet insurance should be mandatory for all pet owners.

A Strong Case for Pet Insurance

It is true that the cost of living in modern times means that many households simply do not have any extra cash on hand at the end of the month.  Thus unexpected vet bills can often mean that families would have to go without certain necessities, fall behind on their bills, or fall deeper into debt.

These families simply can’t afford vet bills, so they often feel that they have no other option than to let their animals suffer or give them away.

The introduction of compulsory medical aid for pets would change this.  Families who covered their pets would not have to worry about mounting vet bills, and families who couldn’t afford the monthly cost of the insurance would perhaps reconsider owning pets.

With nine million dogs and seven million cats in the UK, almost half of the nation’s households contain pets.  The exact number is 46 per cent, while only fifteen per cent of animal owners have animal insurance.  As a result of this, 2012 saw 320,000 pets put to sleep when they could have been nursed back to health with the proper treatment.

The Scottish government is deciding whether to make pet insurance compulsory, and we have to say that it would be a great idea in South Africa, too.  But, since that is not likely to happen in the next few years, you can make sure that you protect your animals from unnecessary suffering in the short-term by getting pet insurance for your pets today.


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