The Benefits of Travel Insurance for South Africans

benefits of travel insurance for South Africans

Let’s face it; travel is more exciting than being sent home from the office early on a Friday afternoon.  But, because of that, many people tend to get too wrapped up in making travel plans and forget to take travel precautions.  This is understandable, because you want to focus on all the fun you’re going to be having and don’t want to think about anything going wrong.  But, unfortunately, things do go wrong – you just need to ensure they don’t affect your holiday.  This is best done by speaking to your travel insurance consultants directly after your travel consultants.

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of travel insurance is that it gives you precious peace of mind.  You never have to worry about any unforeseen events putting a damper on your vacation, or robbing you of the money you saved to be able to take your trip.

The Main Benefits of Travel Insurance

Like any form of insurance, covering your travels has many benefits.  But, among these, there are two that are important enough to have anyone on the phone to their travel insurance consultants straight away.

  1. Medical Assistance

Insuring your travels means that you will receive compensation for incidents that affect you during your travels.  But, more importantly, travel insurance can provide medical assistance on the spot should you require it.  Having an accident happen on your travels is never something you want to think about, but knowing that you are covered in the case of a medical emergency is certainly comforting.

Travel medical insurance ensures that travellers are reimbursed for any medical expenses incurred during their travels, and can even provide emergency evacuation should it be necessary.

  1. Cancellations

Having your flights cancelled for whatever reason is not only inconvenient, it can prove highly costly as well.  However, if you are insured, the cost of rescheduling your flights will be covered by your insurer.  Since various incidents do often lead to airlines cancelling their flights, having this form of cover is invaluable to the overall enjoyment of your holiday.

In addition to these factors, the travel insurance South Africa has available also covers delays, mistakes made by travel agents, liabilities, repatriation, and cover of unforeseen losses.  Essentially, going on holiday without travel insurance is like going skydiving without a reserve ‘chute – you hope you don’t need it, but you’re glad you have it if you do.


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