The State of Life Insurance South Africa: Meyiwa Family Still Awaiting Life Insurance Payment

senzo meyiwa family waiting on life insurance payout

Late in October of 2014, a shot rang out in Vosloorus – a fatal shot.  The shot claimed the life of famed Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates Goalkeeper, Senzo Meyiwa, bringing shock to a nation of adoring fans.  But while this death robbed South Africa of one of its brightest stars, it robbed the Meyiwa family of so much more – especially because of the prolonged investigation and life insurance saga that ensued.

A Look at the Investigation

Naturally, the Meyiwa family wants to know who killed their son.  However, since the 26th of October 2014 the police have been unable to bring any suspects into custody.  The SA Hawks have even been brought into the Meyiwa investigation in an attempt to speed things up, but thus far have been unable to close the case.  Yet, having said that, there has been word from the police detectives involved in the case that they are closing in on a suspect.

But, while the drawn out investigation was taking a great emotional toll on Meyiwa’s family, the soccer star’s life insurance company was creating an equally emotionally taxing period.

The Importance of Good Life Insurance Quotes

The life insurance South Africa boasts is often excellent.  But every now and then there are cases that underline the importance of obtaining life insurance quotes from the best companies in the country.  This is one such case.

Since the death of the legendary goalkeeper, Meyiwa’s parents have been looking after his young family.  This is often the case with untimely deaths, but the family usually has assistance from a life insurance policy in order to do so.  In Meyiwa’s case, the R5 million which is owed to the family has not yet been paid out, and the family is growing desperate.

Aside from having to look after Meyiwa’s young family, his parents simply want this matter put to bed so that they can focus their emotions on the hunt for his killer.  With both the perpetrator of this crime still at large and the insurance company drawing out the payment process, the family is under a great deal of duress.

The story of the unpaid policy hit the press mid-way through last year, when it had already been drawn out for nine months.  Now, almost a year later, the family is growing depressed by the state of the situation.

This is a truly undesirable scenario for any bereaved family, and it greatly underlines the importance of obtaining the best life insurance quotes possible.


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