Car Insurance South Africa Stays Strong in the Face of E-Tolls

car insurance companies join the fight against e-toll

It would be an understatement to say that e-tolls are about as popular with the public as airport full-cavity searches, but you get the idea.  Since their inception, motorists have not been shy in expressing their dislike for those looming arches – even if they do look pretty at night.  This dislike has mostly been expressed by motorists simply refusing to pay their e-tolls, which has caused the government to discuss refusing to renew car licences if the vehicles in question are associated with unpaid e-tolls.   This in turn has motorists worried that their car insurance will suffer, and may be less inclined to search for car insurance quotes as a result.

If a car’s licence is invalid, motorists might expect their car insurance companies to reject any claims.  However, the beautiful car insurance South Africa boasts, has motorists’ backs.  Many of the larger insurance companies have assured motorists that, even if their car licences can’t be renewed as a result of unpaid e-tolls, their insurance will remain intact.

The Details about E-Tolls

Cyril Ramaphosa, the nation’s deputy president, recently announced the fact that the amount of unpaid e-tolls is staggering.  As a result of this, the nation is attempting to implement a situation in which owners of vehicles associated with unpaid e-toll bills will be unable to renew their vehicle licences until they have settled their accounts.

The review panel associated with e-tolls has acknowledged the fact that the implementation of this penalty would require a reshaping of current transport legislation.  However, this clearly appears to be a measure that the government is willing to take.

This has raised concerns on the part of motorists who fear that they may be hampering their insurance cover by standing their ground regarding e-tolls.

The E-Toll Penalty and Car Insurance Quotes

South African car insurance companies have taken a stand against the proposed e-toll penalty by assuring motorists that they would continue to pay out claims even if the vehicles in question have expired licence disks.  Companies such as Outsurance, Budget Insurance, Auto and General, MiWay, and Discovery Insure reached out to the public shortly after the proposed penalty was made public, and essentially all assured the nation’s motorists that, as long as their vehicles are roadworthy, they will be covered.

The fact that their insurance policies will remain valid might be all the cause that motorists need to keep standing up to e-tolls.  And, with the major companies on their side, those opposed to paying e-tolls will surely see this as a small, but significant, victory.


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