Exercise Your Way Out of Premature Ejaculation

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It’s amazing how, when you’re young, you want absolutely nothing in your life to be hard.  Then, when you’re much older, there’s one particular thing in your life that you want to be hard – but it sometimes isn’t.  Erectile dysfunction can be crippling, which is why the stocks for those little blue pills aren’t going to drop any time soon.  That being said, there are some exercise-based remedies, and one in particular has a fantastic side effect for those that, let’s say, come to the party too early.  But, since we’re talking about combatting premature ejaculation, we’re going to be as mature as possible about this from here on out.

A Fortunate Side-Effect of ED Exercises

One particular male health guru (who has traded his silk tent in for a spot on the internet) helps men combat erectile dysfunction by having them exercise the muscles of their love organs daily.  These are essentially the muscles that men use to hold it in when they need to urinate, or move their machinery around when it’s pointing up.

Exercising these muscles daily can cure erectile dysfunction, but the guru behind the mastery of this technique also noticed that they can be used to cure another bedroom problem; premature ejaculation.

How to Exercise to Fight Premature Ejaculation

The whole issue with premature ejaculation is that it takes away control.  Sure, your body is doing what it is intended to do, and that’s to inseminate your partner as quickly as possible (FYI, in prehistoric times you would have been made leader of your tribe), but you want to last long enough to really enjoy the experience.

Getting control over your ejaculation means taking control of your muscles.  You need to strengthen your pelvic muscles until you have the ability to control them (like a bodybuilder bouncing his chest muscles).  Again, your pelvic muscles are the ones you use to move your penis when it’s erect.

Once your pelvic muscles are good and strong, you need to practice using them.  So, during sex, when you feel you are about to ejaculate, slow the thrusting motion.  Start contracting your pelvic muscles, holding the muscles tight for 2 or 3 seconds.  Do this between 5 and 10 times and you’ll feel the feeling subside.  Repeat this process each time you feel yourself close to the edge.

Of course, you might want to tell your lady what you’re doing or she might have a few questions about your new technique.  But if you explain to her exactly what’s going on, she’ll more than likely be completely supportive.  After all, it’s in her best interest, too.

So, there you have it.  It’s as simple as that.  And the best part about the whole thing is that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym – you can exercise your pelvic muscles wherever you are.  But, if you tend to throw in a small rocking motion and a gentle grunt or two, maybe save the exercise for when you’re out of public, huh guys?

Image credit: http://www.theladbible.com/articles/men-have-been-discussing-the-best-ways-of-stopping-premature-ejaculation