Life Insurance and Retirement Are Good for Your Health

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Waking up without an alarm, getting dressed without glancing at a single clock, easing into a chair and pondering as to the possibilities of your day; you don’t need a study to tell you that retirement is good for your health, but there is one nonetheless.  Research into the retirement lifestyle was recently conducted in Australia, and it looks like it’s a pretty worry-free life.  The only possible hiccup would be worrying about how to provide for your loved ones after you pass away.  But, if you have a good life insurance policy, it’s nothing but good times.  So, make sure you get some good life insurance quotes now, and then just relax and embrace retirement like it’s the endless leave you dream about on Sunday nights.

About Life Insurance and Retirement

Life insurance is a bit like dessert.  You might not need it, but you’re certainly glad it’s there when you’ve finished your green beans.  To illustrate the point slightly more eloquently, you can retire without insurance but it won’t afford you the trouble-free retirement that you’ve worked so hard for.  And, when it’s all said and done, retirement is supposed to be the reward you get for a life full of hard work.  At least, that’s how 25,000 Australians see it.

A recent survey showed that seniors actually increase their activity after retirement, getting an average of 93 more minutes of exercise a week.  In addition, their time spent sitting or being inactive was cut by 67 minutes per day.  Despite the stereotype that demands the elderly must wake up before the cock crows, seniors chalked up an average of 11 minutes more sleep per night (hey, every minute helps).  And, as far as smokers go, 50 percent of retired females stopped smoking.

In general, the time away from the office allows retirees more time to pursue the things that make them happy, which gives way to a generally healthier lifestyle.  Some retirees also make a conscious choice to ditch some of their bad habits after they leave work.

People are beginning to view retirement in an increasingly positive light.  So, if you want to treat retirement as an opportunity to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and shed some of your old worries, be sure to start looking up life insurance quotes today.  Other than that, you might book a few bowls classes and brush up on your bridge-playing skills.

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