Putin’s Punisher Packs a Punch

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If you ever played the blood-soaked PC game, Carmageddon, you’ll remember the police vehicles well.  If not, they were ridiculously-armoured monstrosities that had the power to completely decimate wrongdoers – which perfectly describes Putin’s new security vehicles.

Russia’s latest addition to its security arsenal is a vehicle so menacing looking that even its nickname, the Punisher, is a bit soft – sort of like naming a Rottweiler ‘Peggy Sue’.  The vehicle looks like the love child of the Christopher Nolan Batmobile and a Black Hawk Helicopter.

Officially named the ZiL Karatel, the security vehicle is the new crown jewel of the Federal Security Service, and is even impressive enough to warrant a personal viewing from Vladimir Putin himself.  The Russian president took the time at the end of February to take in the grandeur of the newest addition to his security team, and he looked suitably impressed.

New Security Vehicle Wows Putin

The leader of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, acted as tour leader at the reveal, personally showing the newest security vehicles to Putin and his defence minister, Sergei Shoigu.  Both individuals were impressed by all the vehicles in the showing, but it was clear that the ZiL Karatel was the star of the show.

The Punisher, as it is affectionately called, has been generating rumours for years, despite being developed on a somewhat secret capacity.  But, despite its existence not being a complete secret, the vehicle is still awe-inspiringly intimidating.

With a V-shaped body designed to deflect the blasts of explosions, the Punisher has the capacity for 10 armed security personnel.  In addition, the vehicle boasts a solid skin of Class 6a armour, which ensures ballistic protection.

As for the assault side, the Punisher has firing hatches located around the sides and in the back doors of the vehicle, and the roof can facilitate a revolving hatch gunner.

What Russia Intends to Do With the Punisher

Those keeping up with current events will know that Russia has been involved with some controversial air strikes in Syria recently.  This has no doubt made the country a target for terror attacks.  In fact, President Putin went to see the Punisher directly after his annual address at the FSB board meeting, during which he commended the agency for preventing numerous attacks.

While addressing the department’s goals Putin declared that a major target would be to prevent the infiltration of international terrorists into Russia.  And, as it would appear, the Punisher seems to be a pretty good deterrent.

Image credit: https://www.inverse.com/article/12155-vladimir-putin-unveils-russia-s-own-batmobile-the-punisher