A Rescue Dog Rescues His Owner Right Back


To look at Eric O’Grey back in 2010, and then look at him now, you’d never believe he was the same person.  In fact, doctors told him back in 2010 that, on account of his obesity, he wouldn’t live another five years.  At 51 years old, O’Grey weighed 145 kilograms, had dangerously high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, and was spending around $1000 dollars on medication from month to month.  He wanted to survive, so, in a desperate attempt to save himself, he decided to save a shelter dog.

The suggestion was made by a physician, and was a curious one at first.  Eric O’Grey couldn’t understand how adopting a shelter dog would help him lose weight and reconnect with society.  But, the more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

For people living alone, adopting a dog brings a new level of responsibility to their lives.  Instead of just having to look after themselves, they have to look after another life.  Having a dog would mean that Eric would have to get out of bed in the morning to feed his pet, and get out of the house to give his dog the exercise that all dogs need.

And, as it happens, it worked.

The Story of Eric and Peety

Eric drove over to his local animal shelter and asked for a middle-aged, obese dog.  He wanted a dog that he would have something in common with.  As it turned out, Peety and Eric were kindred spirits.

Eric says that Peety would look at him like he was the best person in the world, and he wanted to live up to Peety’s expectations.  He started eating healthier and living a better lifestyle – which included taking Peety for regular walks.  Through the exercise and better diet, Eric and Peety became healthy together, and Eric managed to lose 63.5 kilograms.

Eric is now not just a healthy individual, he is a marathon runner.  This is why he claims that Peety saved his life.

Eric and Peety’s story inspired the Mutual Rescue initiative – an initiative which gives people in similar situations a chance to share how their rescue-case dogs managed to rescue them back.  Eric and Peety have their own short film which is intended to inspire people to adopt shelter dogs, and in doing so adopt healthier lifestyles, too.  But, spoiler alert, don’t watch this one without a box of tissues.

Image credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm0qYRWQpZI