Could Pet Insurance Help Overweight Pets Shed Their Pounds?


The PDSA, or the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, promotes pet insurance for a good reason; the organisation cares about animals and wants to see owners that are able to care for their pets do so to the best of their ability.  As for the owners who are unable to care for their pets for financial reasons, well, that’s precisely why this organisation exists.

The PDSA in Johannesburg cares for 2000 animals per month whose owners can’t afford private vet fees.  This is already a large quantity, so if you can afford pet insurance you’d be doing your pets and the PDSA a huge favour.  Pet insurance quotes are easy to get, and might just surprise you with their affordability.

That being said, the PDSA does whatever it can to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals all over the world.  The UK branch, for example, recently hosted a drive similar to TV’s The Biggest Loser – the show in which contestants must lose a significant amount of weight within a given period – in order to help some overweight animals return to a healthier lifestyle.

How the PDSA Helped Puppies Shed Their Pounds

The pets involved were drastically overweight (picture a roll of polony with four toothpicks sticking out of it), but this didn’t scare the PDSA.  Any group that provides free veterinary care to sick animals is bound to know animals well, and this group certainly does.

The program began just over a decade ago, in 2005, and has seen some amazing results since then.  The organisation has calculated that it has helped over 100 dogs in its ten-year lifespan, and has helped them shed a whopping 893 pounds collectively – that’s about 405 kilograms!

The team involved had to look at each case individually, try to determine what was causing the canine obesity, and then create a healthier diet that could help reduce the excess weight.  This tactic worked beautifully – so well, in fact, that the PDSA has just released images of it biggest losers.

Among the dogs that lost the most weight is Merlin, a Border Collie whose excessive weight was causing arthritis.

overweight 1


Molly the Rottweiler was also a victim of an improper diet consisting of too many treats.  However, a better diet saw Molly lose over 18 kilograms.

overweight 2


Pet Insurance is a Responsibility

These cases – just two of over one hundred – prove that the PDSA does everything in its power to help struggling animals.  This is certainly a good lead to follow.  So, if you can afford pet insurance, you owe it to your pet to get some pet insurance quotes today.

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