These Animals Simply Hate Going to the Vet


Let’s just get honest here, people; pets hate going to the vet more than Kanye West hates losing Grammy Awards to Taylor Swift.  But, like Kanye has learned, it’s inevitable.  There are, of course, ways to lure your animals into the car (like dropping the word ‘walk’ casually into the conversation) but there’s always that awkward moment when your pet figures out that it’s in for a morning of cold, stainless steel tables and the choking scent of disinfectant.

The moment of realisation when your pet senses your betrayal can manifest itself in many ways.  It can result in your pet thrashing around like Lindsay Lohan at an intervention or just dissolving into a heap of quiet shivers.  The reactions usually find themselves somewhere in between these two extremes, and we, as pet owners, have become used to them.  However, sometimes there is a reaction to a vet trip that is so priceless that we can’t help but give those poor pets a sympathetic nod.  Here are some such reactions.

That Awkward Moment When They Realise They’re Going to the Vet

  1. The solidarity between these dogs is absolutely moving, and akin to soldiers going off to war, finding strength in each other’s courage. The irony is that they’re actually going to the park instead of the vet.

animals vets 2


  1. We all know the feeling of wanting to hold someone’s hand when we’re nervous, but you just wouldn’t expect it from a tough looking German Shepherd. Even so, this poor dog just wants to feel the safety of its owner’s hand as it waits for its appointment.

animals vets 3


  1. “Wait a minute… this isn’t the way to the park.” That awkward moment when your dog realises that it’s been duped into a trip to the vet.

animals vets 4


  1. If you could pour a sink full of cat, this is exactly what it would look like. This poor kitty was so scared that the vet thought her owners came without her.

animals vets 5


  1. Dodger’s owner made the mistake of letting the ‘V’ word slip while on the way to the vet. The fear is real.

animals vets 6


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