Does Travel Insurance Cover Terrorist Attacks?

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November 2015 changed the way a great deal of travellers approached their plans.  The terror attacks in Paris suddenly made travellers aware that destinations which may seem romantic or exotic might still be the targets for future attacks.  This meant that many travellers wanting to take an end-of-the-year vacation were concerned about having to change their plans as a result of a terrorist attack, and were on the phones to their travel insurance consultants finding out if it would be possible.

The unfortunate truth is that terrorism is unavoidably real, and thus many travel insurance companies do have various provisions for terrorist attacks.  Does this also apply to the travel insurance South Africa has available?  Possibly, but it’s important to check this with your travel insurance consultants before you embark on your trip, as it may depend on the extent of your package.

Travel Insurance South Africa: How to Ensure You’re Covered

If you want to be sure that your travel plans are covered in the case of a terrorist attack, there are various factors you need to confirm with your travel insurance consultants before you take out insurance.  These are:

  1. When to Buy the Policy

Often if you buy your travel insurance right before you depart, it might not cover your trip.  It is thus important to check with your consultant when you would have to purchase a policy for it to apply to your holiday.

  1. Your Travel Schedule

Terrorism insurance covers you for your destination, or destinations, as well as any cities you might visit whilst in transit.  However, it won’t cover you for other cities in the country you are visiting.  So, if you’re visiting Venice and Rome experiences a terror attack, you won’t be eligible to claim.

  1. Medical Coverage

If you are injured during a terror attack, you will want to ensure that your policy entails up-front payment with regards to medical assistance.  Some hospitals require up-front payment, so it’s important to check that your policy offers this.

  1. Unconditional Refund

You are sure to be covered for cancellations or changes to your plans if you take out a policy that lets you cancel for any reason.  This is often the most expensive package available, but it does cover you in any case relating to your wanting to alter your plans, even if it isn’t a result of a terror attack.

While terrorism is a very real threat in modern times, you shouldn’t let it deter you from travelling altogether.  Good travel insurance will ensure that you can see the globe, and gives you the peace-of-mind associated with being able to change your plans in the unfortunate event of an incident.

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