Simplify Your User Experience and See Better Returns

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Ask any mountain man, or woman, who gave up city life for a life of survival in the wilderness about the secret to pure happiness and they’ll probably answer in one word; simplify.  Digital marketing needs the comfort of modern society in order to survive, so throwing your computer out the window and venturing into the mountains isn’t going to make your business happy, but there is a lesson to be learned here.  Simplification might bring your business a great deal more revenue and cure some of your persistent headaches.

In recent years, many websites that once pioneered usability have been growing increasingly complex in order to offer more features.  This seems like a move in the wrong direction.  After all, users respond well to sites that are open and easy to navigate.  So, if you’re missing out on revenue as a result of a complex digital strategy, now is the time to head into the mountains, metaphorically speaking.

How to Increase User Experience through Simplification

  1. Create Unity across Platforms

It is important to add various facets to your digital campaign, be it in the form of websites, apps, social media pages, and so on.  However, all of these facets should form a cohesive brand image.  Elements that differ between channels will confuse your customers and could well lose you business.  So, make sure your logo, colour palette, fonts, etc. are consistent between channels.

  1. Allow for Journeys across Platforms

It isn’t enough to simply create cohesion between your platforms; you need to encourage users to transition between them.  There is no reason why you should keep your mobile and your desktop customers separate.  This digital age has shown us that users like to transport activities between devices, so make this possible for your customers.

  1. Trim Your Underperforming Channels

You might hear this frequently, but that is for a reason; it works for ROI.  Assess which facets of your digital strategy are performing the best and concentrate on those, cutting off the ones that are underperforming.  A streamlined strategy is easier to manage and could potentially generate more income.

  1. Clean up Your Site

Lastly, assess the parts of your site that are outdated or simply not appreciated by customers, and get rid of them.  There’s no room for harbouring sentimentality over a great idea that wasn’t embraced by your customers.  You need to examine exactly what your customers want in terms of user experience, and deliver it to them as simply and professionally as possible.

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