The World’s Most Weird and Wonderful Houses

crooked house February 2016

Most of us are resigned to the fact that most houses, whether modest or palatial, are more or less built on the concept of four walls and a roof.  But, there are those among us that simply don’t subscribe to this idea.  They see a house as a place that you sleep, and that’s the only rule that should apply.

What keeps you from breaking your nose on every tree limb hanging across the pavement every time you go for a walk?  Vision.  This is what sets certain homeowners’ houses apart from the rest.  Is it vision worth having?  Well, you can decide that for yourself.

Some of the Strangest Houses in the World

  1. The Upside Down House

It would appear that quite a few people like living upside down.  At least that’s what we can deduct from the fact that this house isn’t alone in the world.  There is a handful of upside down homes similar to this one scattered throughout the globe.

upside down house

  1. The Rock House

You’ve heard about being stuck between a rock and hard place.  How would you like to live there?  This is exactly what this homeowner does on a daily basis in this house build between two giant boulders.

strange homes stone house

The World's Most Bizarre Houses

  1. Airplane House

Most people hate airplanes because they’re cramped and stuffy, and far from comfortable.  This homeowner obviously feels different – at least, different to make their house look like an airplane.

amazing homes airplane February 2016

  1. Dog House

Do you love dogs enough to want to live inside one?  Well, this couple does.  While other canine enthusiasts are happy just filling their homes with actual dogs, they went the extra mile and built their home to resemble a beagle.

weirdest homes dog house February 2016jpg

  1. Shoe House

You would think that someone who loves shoes enough to want to live in one would value their freedom, and wouldn’t want to be tied down to a single location.  Maybe this homeowner doesn’t appreciate irony as much as shoes.

strangest houses shoe February 2016

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