The World’s Most Outrageous McDonald’s Restaurants

McDonalds Taupo DC3 Plane February 2016

McDonald’s is so organised in its brand approach that many of its restaurants feel the same, no matter where in the world they are located.  Walk into a McDonald’s in Austria or Australia and you wouldn’t be judged for expecting the same packaging, the same food, and the same bright colours surrounding you as you sit at your booth and polish off your Big Mac.

However, while some things may be synonymous with ultimate consistency (like Nickelback songs, for example), not every McDonald’s restaurant is the same the world over.  Here are some very interesting restaurants that break free from the consistency of their brethren.

Some of the Most Different McDonald’s Restaurants in the World

  1. Taupo, New Zealand

Visitors to this particular restaurant won’t find themselves surrounded by the usual four walls associated with the fast-food chain.  In fact, they won’t find themselves surrounded by walls at all.  Instead, the shiny hull of an old aircraft provides the scenery for diners in this particular link of the chain, as it’s located inside an old DC3.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Based in the Western Railway Station, visitors to this Mickey D’s are treated to some classical French interior design features.  The station was designed by the same company that produced the Eiffel Tower, meaning that it gives diners a unique taste of the lavish interiors associated with the 19th century.

  1. South Korea

The SK petrol company in South Korea has managed to blend the future with the past at some of its locations.  The neon-flooded burger joints at its gas stations hark back to the American ‘50s, but the sheer architectural brilliance of it all sets the McDonald’s restaurants found at this company’s filling stations firmly in the future.

  1. Yangshuo, China

Some McDonald’s restaurants don’t rely so heavily on their décor and rather let the beauty of their environment lure in customers.  This is the case with the branch located in Yangshuo, China.  Set upon a calm, glassy river, the restaurant uses the region’s dramatic mountains to create a picturesque dining environment.

  1. Bray, Ireland

When visiting Ireland, diners want the whole experience with food served to them in a quaint old building made of brick.  By calling the old town hall home, this is exactly the experience that the town’s McDonald’s gives its visitors.

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