NASA Picks Up Music from the Dark Side of the Moon

NASA apollo 10 unexplained moon music February 2016

Pink Floyd may have released an album called ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ in 1973, but the actual dark side of the moon had already recorded its own music a few years earlier, in 1969.  As Apollo 10 drifted into the shadow of the moon, and out of radio contact with Earth, the NASA crew members on board heard an eerie sort of whistling which they described as ‘space music’.

At the time, NASA though it would be in the public’s best interest if the recording was kept classified.  However, nearly 5 decades later, the administration has decided to release this recording.

What the NASA Astronauts Heard

The shadow of the moon has a sort of fantastic grip on our imaginations.  We all want there to be something otherworldly hidden in the ink-black shadows of the lunar surface.  Perhaps it is this fascination that led NASA to the decision of keeping the tapes a secret.

Younger generations have grown up with space travel being a completely normal undertaking, and the world is a little more advanced in our understanding of it.  Perhaps that is why NASA feels that we can better deal with the release of this material.

But, even though we have the ability to be more rational than the people of the 1960s, who were first witnessing the miracle of space flight, the sounds released on NASA’s recording still come off as slightly spooky.

We know that space is a vacuum, and music can’t travel through a vacuum.  So, were the astronauts experiencing something decidedly otherworldly?  Sadly, the music heard on the far side of the moon has a logical explanation.

What Created the Moon’s Strange Music

Although sound waves can’t travel in space, electromagnetic waves can indeed be forced through vacuums.  NASA has the ability to record these electromagnetic waves, and has actually been doing it for quite some time.

Aside from the recording of the strange music coming from the dark side of the moon, NASA has recorded the sounds emanating from various other planets in our solar system.  When converted to a frequency audible to humans, the sounds can be spooky – even if their origins aren’t spooky at all.

However, what is creepy about the whole thing is that the sounds recorded sound just like the scores of the sci-fi films of the ‘40s and ‘50s.  So, how did those film composers know what space sounds like well before man had ever been there?  We suppose there are some questions in the universe to which we’ll never know the answers.

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