Why Health and Fitness Is THE Business to Be In

Health and fitness no gym weights and fruit picnic blanket February 2016

If there’s one thing that defines modern generations – aside from check shirts and bushy beards – it’s health and fitness.  A century ago the only people who cared about their bodies were the moustache-touting, striped-bathing-suit-wearing, dumbbell-lifting muscle men that used to work out on the beach.  But all this has changed, and gyms have become a way of life in the modern age.

This may mean that the market sees some fierce competition, but it has by no means hit saturation point.  People just can’t get enough of a good thing, which creates a great opportunity for anyone wanting to get in on the action.

A World of Possibility

There are approximately 132 million people that use health and fitness clubs worldwide, generating massive revenue of over 75 billion dollars.  This, however, does not represent the extents of the fitness industry.  An industrious entrepreneur wanting to take advantage of these statistics could potentially create a successful business that simply supports people’s health club enthusiasm.

Entrepreneurs that don’t wish to start gyms or health clubs could look at building a supplement business or a business that focusses on fitness tech.  There are also organic foods and specific diet regimens, which fitness-conscious people truly appreciate.

Why Today is the Perfect Day to Ride the Health and Fitness Trend

One of the best parts about creating a start-up business is that the tech age has made it much easier, and cheaper.  Decades ago start-ups would have to spend fortunes in advertising before they saw any revenue.  However, the internet has made free advertising possible.

By promoting your fitness start-up on free channels like Facebook and YouTube, you can start creating a buzz around your product.  All you need then is someone influential – like a social media celebrity – to catch wind of your product and start talking about it, and you could potentially reach millions of prospective customers without spending a cent.

Why a Health and Fitness Start-Up Will Succeed

The new age has seen us go body-conscious, which is a state of mind that won’t soon fade away.  The last few decades have used various forms of media to show us what our bodies could look like through exercise and healthy eating, and, through this, a great body has become something that we all recognise is possible.

Even if we discovered that being healthy is somehow bad for the environment – which, by the way, it isn’t – it would still take a great deal to change our approach to fitness.  After all, we know that carbon emissions are bad, but we still buy the products made in factories.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a company in a solid industry, basing your product on fitness is a sure thing.

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