Why Downsizing Doesn’t Have to Mean Downgrading

creative cottages tiny cottage main February 2016

There are many factors that lead to downsizing, but money is certainly one of the biggest ones.  However, people often feel that downsizing means downgrading, and henceforth a poorer quality of life.  This just isn’t true.

Granted, we often associate luxury with space.  But, when we think about it, we really shouldn’t.  There are astronauts out there in the expanse of space who are living in a tin can and eating food out of tubes.  If this is your idea of luxury, more power to you, but most of us don’t see this as a good time.

This is precisely why we should stop equating size with luxury, and start to see that it is completely possible to create a luxurious living space inside a home that real estate agents would describe as ‘charming’.

If you’re having trouble picturing it, here are some photos of a beautiful house that is probably about the size of a South African garage, and yet looks completely inviting.

How to do Downsizing in Style

This little cottage was built by Creative Cottages, a US company based in Maine.  The company focusses more on creating a truly desirable living space over a grandiose showing of soullessness.  As a result, this recent project is as wonderfully inviting as it is tiny.

Essentially a studio, this cottage combines the sleeping area, the living room, and the kitchen all into one, open-plan solution.  However, each individual area has more than enough room for comfort, and has been decorated to blend the quaint luxury of a traditional cottage with that of a modern home.

creative cottages living space February 2016


The bathroom may only have a corner shower, and no bath, but what it lacks in volume it makes up for in creativity.  The pebble floor of the shower brings its playfulness into the rest of the bathroom by giving the impression that its pebbles have melted and poured out onto the bathroom floor.  This surface, coupled with the dusty-looking wooden floor, brings a beautifully organic feel to the bathroom that matches the cottage’s forest setting perfectly.

Creative cottages bathroom February 2016


So, if you feel that downsizing might be in your future, don’t look at it as downgrading.  Instead, see it as an exciting venture that will allow you to create your dream home in a cosier package.

Main image credit: http://www.creativecottagesllc.com/