The Least Popular, but Most Beautiful, Tourist Destinations in the World

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You don’t want to have to buy binoculars just to say you saw the packed beach in Thailand, but you also don’t want to spend your holiday battling frostbite and ravenous polar bears in the Arctic just to get away from the crush of other tourists.  What if there was a happy medium?  What if you could still enjoy a tropical getaway without being swamped by loud, obnoxious visitors who scare the locals away?

Well, if you love to get away to warm climates but hate sharing your pristine beach with strangers, then you’re in luck.  The United Nations World Tourism Organisation has just posted a list of the lesser-known and lesser-explored tourist destinations in the world.  They’re unapologetically beautiful and wonderfully free of crowds.

However, this might all change in the coming months thanks to the UNWTO’s big revelation.  So, if any of the following destinations appeal to you, best you book your ticket now before you find yourself wrestling like-minded individuals for a patch of beach and wishing you were in Thailand.

The Least Populated Tourist Destinations in the World

  1. Comoro Islands

Situated Northwest of Madagascar and East of Mozambique are the beautiful Comoro Islands, full of picturesque mountains, pristine beaches, and lush forests packed with wildlife.  Surprisingly these gorgeous islands only see around 15,000 tourists a year.

  1. São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé and Príncipe is the name given to an island near the equator that is officially an African country, and the smallest one at that.  The clear ocean, with its unique coral formations, makes for brilliant snorkelling and the sheer beauty of the rainforests and beaches is matched only by the amazing features of volcanic rock.  If this is for you, you’ll be one of only 8000 visitors to the island this year.

  1. Montserrat

This Caribbean island was once one of the more popular tourist destinations, but started to lose popularity thanks to its natural disasters in the ‘80s and ‘90s.  This means that this tropical paradise sees only 7000 tourists a year.

  1. Kiribati

This Pacific island offers the same beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, and crystal waters as Hawaii.  However, unlike Hawaii – which is overrun with tourists – Kiribati sees only 5000 visitors a year.

  1. Tuvalu

If you want magnificent blue skies, strikingly green palm trees, and breath-taking beaches, but want them all to yourself, Tuvalu is the most perfect of all tourist destinations for you.  This amazing destination somehow avoided the masses of tourists that usually flood to the beach for their vacations.  Incredibly, Tuvalu only hosts 1000 tourists a year.

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