Taylor Swift Shows Support for Kesha with a $250K Cheque

taylor swift supports kesha February 2016

If there were any souls out there who were still unconvinced of Taylor Swift’s unyielding sweetness, her recent behaviour might just be the deciding vote.  In the midst of Kesha’s legal and emotional struggles, Taylor has donated $250,000 towards helping Kesha through this difficult time.

Taylor Swift is not Kesha’s only supporter.  There has been an outpouring of support from other female pop singers such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Lorde, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus.  All have offered their best wishes for Kesha, hoping to give her strength.  However, as things stand, Taylor Swift is the only one to show her support through a donation.

What Happened with Kesha?

For those of you that haven’t yet heard, Kesha has been going through a hard time lately.  She recently tried to get out of her current contract with her producer, Dr Luke, on the grounds that he had been abusing her in various ways and means over the past decade.

Kesha claims that, since signing with Dr Luke in 2005, her producer has been emotionally, verbally, physically, and sexually abusing her.  Some of her allegations include cases of Dr Luke drugging and raping her.

At the time Kesha first took legal action, in 2014, this misconduct had been ongoing for nearly a decade, having begun when the singer was just 18.

However, Kesha’s motion to be released from her contract was denied by the New York courts.  Justice Shirley Kornreich ruled that Kesha’s contract, like many similar contracts associated with the music industry, had been so thoroughly negotiated that the singer could not legally be released from it.  Dr Luke supported this decision, feeling that his investment of $60 million in the singer’s career could not simply be ignored.

The period following the ruling is expected to be particularly difficult for Kesha, both emotionally and financially.  Taylor Swift has showed that she intends to help Kesha in both regards with her gesture offering both moral and financial support.

Is There Any Hope for Kesha?

The ruling means that there is no way for Kesha to get out of her contract with Sony.  However, if she can prove that she was raped, that might be a basis for a restraining order against Dr Luke.  This would mean that Kesha might have to honour her contract with a different producer, but she would be able to avoid contact with Dr Luke for its remainder.

Even if she desperately wants out of her contract, this might be the best that the singer can hope for.  But, of course, that is presuming that she can supply the evidence to prove the sexual assault.

Image credit: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/02/taylor-swift-kesha-250000-donation