Rory McIlroy’s Hotel Room Workout is Intense

rory mcilroy hotel workout February 2016

There are certain sports that have become associated over the years with extreme strength and fitness, and some that simply haven’t.  Sports like golf and motor racing might fall, unjustly, into the latter.  Many people see these sports as lacking in physical exertion, but this is a gross miscalculation.  With any sport, regardless of its specifics, strength and fitness are hugely beneficial, and are thus a must for any athletes competing, or hoping to compete, at the top levels.  Rory McIlroy, the professional golfer from Northern Ireland, recently proved this with the help of his Instagram account.

Rory McIlroy Doesn’t Play When He’s Preparing to Play

One might think that walking a couple of hundred metres a day and perfecting a bad fashion sense is all the training that a professional golfer needs.  And, a few decades ago this might have been true.  However, sport is evolving to match the discoveries we are constantly making about the capabilities of the human body, and thus even golfers need to be extremely fit and strong.

Rory McIlroy recently proved this by posting a workout video on his Instagram account.  This video was taken in a hotel room between rounds 1 and 2 at Riviera, so it doesn’t show us what a normal day of exercise might look like for the golf star.  However, if this is just a quick workout to stay sharp while on the road, we can only imagine that a proper day in the gym for Rory McIlroy must be formidable.

McIlroy decided to focus on his core using a combination of push-ups and mountain-climbers, although his feet were suspended by pulleys.  This might mean that Rory has to carry his pulleys with him wherever he goes, if he wants to stay in shape, but he’s probably happy to do so if it gives him a competitive edge.

Why Core Strength Is so Important to Golf

Core strength is important to a lot of sports, but it especially important in relation to golf.  The reason for this is simple; one of the fundamental elements of golf is the almighty swing.

Core strength increases stability on the spine, improved balance and, most importantly for the swing, it helps in the transfer of energy from the lower part of the body to the upper part of the body.

So, with core strength being so important to a golf swing, it’s no wonder Rory McIlroy spends his nights strapped to a hotel room door.  And, with commitment like that, it’s no wonder that he has been so successful in his chosen sport.

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