How to Get Your Complaint Heard by an Airline

airline complaint february 2016

If you haven’t see the music video for United Breaks Guitars, do yourself a favour and check it out on YouTube.  If that’s not on the cards, it’s a music video for a song written about how a certain airline broke a musician’s guitar and then refused to replace it.

If you’ve been treated badly by an airline, you may think that this is the ultimate way to get that airline to acknowledge its poor service.  However, if you lack the musical ability to stage such a revenge plot, you might be feeling a little powerless.

Well, never fear, even if you weren’t blessed with an ear for melodies, it’s still possible to get airlines to take responsibility for their lack of service.

How to Get Airlines to Own up to Their Mistakes

  1. Make Sure You’re in the Right

If you got tossed out of a plane face-first during taxi, you might feel slightly disgruntled.  However, if you were wearing a t-shirt that said ‘I’m the Bomb, Mother******’, you might not have a leg to stand on.  Airlines can be quite sticky on certain issues, so be sure that you’re not the one at fault.  You can check airline’s policies regarding conduct online.

  1. Try to Talk to Someone from the Airline

If you’re still at the airport, look for your airline’s help desk.  There you might find someone who can help you address your complaint.  If you have an issue that can be addressed straight away, you might find yourself happy at the end of the experience.  Remember that airline employees might work long hours, so screaming at them isn’t likely to be as helpful as speaking to them civilly.

  1. Make Contact

If you don’t have any joy at the airline counter, try to speak to someone higher up the chain.  The airline’s website should have a phone number or email address that you can use to make contact with the airline.  Make sure you get hold of someone with the power to address your issue, of you’ll end up getting bounced around the call centre of having your email responded to in a very unfulfilling and useless manner.

  1. Go Social

If you’ve tried to resolve your problem behind closed doors and have been dismissed, take it public.  Writing your compliant on the airline’s social media pages is like negative advertising, which will make the airline sit up and take notice.  They’ll usually address your complaint quickly in order to try to take it away from the public eye, so you’ll likely be put in touch with the right person or people.

  1. Flex Your Muscles

If you’re a valued customer of the airline, threaten to stop flying with it.  Let the airline know that you and your powerful friends are about to take your business elsewhere.  Sadly, this approach won’t work if you’re an average passenger, but it feels good to do anyway.

There you have it, 5 steps towards getting your complaint rectified by an underperforming airline.  If none of these steps work, it’s time to start brushing up on your song-writing and take your complaint to YouTube.

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