Is It Possible to Make LEGO Even More Fun?

lego gummy candy February 2016

The sheer simplicity of LEGO means that it has inspired the creativity and imagination of generations.  While other toys have had their heydays, LEGO just keeps on thriving – and has done so by keeping its basic design untouched since its inception.  You might think that this means that there is no way to improve on this popular toy, but you thought wrong.

Imagine LEGO that didn’t interrupt your snack breaks, or snack breaks that didn’t ruin your creative flow.  Imagine LEGO that didn’t sink into the fleshy part of your foot when you step on a stray piece.  Imagine LEGO that your children will find completely amazing (okay, we’ll give you this one, they already do).  In any case, all this could be yours with this brilliant discovery – how to make edible LEGO out of jelly.

The concept sounds messy, we know, and it seems that it will lack the structural integrity to be able to build with.  But, if you’re picturing a multi-coloured mess of mangled jelly that is slowly melting into a rainbow puddle on your carpet, never fear.

Grant Thompson, YouTube’s self-anointed ‘King of Random’ has found a way to make the jelly LEGO strong enough to build with and soft enough to eat.  All you need is some jelly, some water, a bit of corn syrup, and some unflavoured gelatine.

How to Make Edible LEGO

Start out by pouring half a cup of cold water into a measuring jug, and then add quarter of a cup of corn syrup.  Mix it all up and transfer it into a saucepan.  Next, you’ll just add the jelly and a couple of sachets of gelatine.  This all creates a sticky syrup that is perfect for moulding.

If you have a LEGO ice-tray, this will be perfect to use as a mould.  If not, you may have to break the DIY overalls and create a mould using some real LEGO pieces and some silicone.  If you go this route, place the pieces on a LEGO base board when creating the mould.  This way, you can place the base board back over the bottom of the jelly pieces when they’re drying, giving them the bottom dimples necessary for you to use them to build with.

Grant Thompson warns that the pieces are highly addictive.  So, if you’re worried that your children might eat all of the pieces rather than playing with them, you can crush some Vitamin C tablets up in the mix to make sure you give your children a healthy immune-system boost.

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