4 Brilliant Ways to Beat Social Media Burnout

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Tired young man sleeping with his head on a laptop

Constantly uploading different content across multiple social media platforms can feel like a full time job.  The irony of it all is that, by spending so much time portraying your exciting life on social platforms, you’re cutting into the exciting life you’re trying to portray.  And that’s just on the personal front.

If you use social media as tool to help your business or freelancing efforts, spending time on social platforms isn’t just fun, it’s actually required for your livelihood.  This can lead to major social overload, which finally manifests itself when you try to swipe someone’s face to get them onto the next conversation topic during a lunch meeting.

Yes, social burnout is real.  Fortunately, it can be avoided through some fairly simple adjustments in your life.  So, if you are feeling a face swipe coming on, here’s how to best avoid that social media overload.

Tips to Avoid Social Media Burnout

  1. Set Objectives

If you use social media to try to position yourself as an industry expert, seek out the avenues that are most likely to help you in this regard.  Essentially, know what you want to do with social media and focus on that.

  1. Focus Your Attack

Trying to post articles centred on thought leadership on Pinterest, for example, won’t garner the same amount of engagement as doing the same on LinkedIn would.  It’s a good idea to decide which platforms are best for your specific goals, and focus on those.  Spreading your content across every platform will just waste time that you could be using more constructively, and open the door for burnout.

  1. Sort the Quality from the Rubbish

If you’re trying to use the forums to help spread your message, make sure you pick the right ones.  Posting marketing articles on a sports forum will just lead to you getting flagged as a spammer.  Look for forums which actually require knowledgeable answers and use these to get your message across.

  1. Switch off Notifications

If you’ve posted content on a few platforms in a single day, make a point of going back and checking on your content as opposed to waiting for the notifications to come flooding in.  Notifications can lead you to feeling like you’re covered in sticky-notes, and many of them might not even be important.

By having clear objectives and decluttering your social attack you will know exactly when you’ve done what you set out to do, and you will be free of distractions.  This, in a nutshell, is the best way to stave off social burnout.

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