UFC is a Hard Life According to Conor McGregor

conor mcgregor UFC February 2016

If you think of UFC your mind might go straight to the bloody, no-rules cage fighting that has become so popular in recent years.  This image might not conjure up a glamorous lifestyle, but there are those amongst us that do equate the life of a cage fighter with a life of glamour.  Conor McGregor, the Irish UFC Featherweight champion, is here to set the record straight, however.

The Irishman earned millions of dollars for his fight with Jose Aldo last year, which he won.  This year, he is set to make more millions when he faces Rafael dos Anjos.  Rafael dos Anjos is the lightweight champion, meaning McGregor will have to move up a division in order to face him.  It does, however, mean that, if McGregor wins, he will be the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts.

The glory and the heaps of money might lead some fans and casual onlookers to believe that the sport is absolutely glamorous, and that cage fighters live a life of luxury.  But McGregor is out to assure people that this isn’t the case at all.  Granted, the money is an attractive facet to the sport, but, according to McGregor, it’s the only pretty part.

The Real Life of a UFC Fighter

Beneath all of the paycheques and the spectacle lies a relatively brutal life.  UFC fighters earn their money in the Octagon, taking bodily punishment and, hopefully, dishing out an even bigger share of the pain.  The fighting is bloody, exhausting, and technical – but that’s just the part of the lifestyle that the fans see.

Behind closed doors, UFC fighters go through rigorous training.  They must endure long hours of strength training, relieved only by more long hours of fitness training.  Fighters have to closely monitor their food intake, dietary supplements, and sleeping patterns.  Any inconsistencies can lead to weakness, and there’s no room for weakness in cage fighting.

This is the message McGregor sent out to fans on his Instagram account recently, stating that there is “Nothing pretty in this game but the pay.”

If nothing else can attest to the truth of this statement, McGregor’s recent statements about his upcoming fight should do the job.  The Irish fighter said that, after beating dos Anjos next month, he plans to parade the Brazilian’s head through the streets of his home country, adding that the day will probably be celebrated as a national holiday since the Brazilian is a traitor.  This is based on the fact that Rafael dos Anjos lives in the USA instead of Brazil.

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