The Sherp ATV is the Life-Size Version of Your Favourite Childhood Toy

SHERP ATV on Sand February 2016

If you’re a lifelong member of the car-enthusiasts club, you probably spent a lot of your childhood in a sandpit demolishing sandcastles with comically large 4×4 toys.  It was a magical time for so many.  While these toy vehicles were sometimes attributed with strange colours or features, it was their sheer power that we loved.  Whatever they couldn’t go over, they went through.  And, while we had to grow up and face the ugly truth that real-life 4x4s aren’t completely indestructible, it seems that the Sherp ATV is bent on helping recapture that beautiful, childlike wonderment.

Hailing from St. Petersburg is Russia, the Sherp ATV is about the meanest looking off-road vehicle that we’ve seen in… well, ever.  The brainchild of automotive genius Aleksey Garagashyan, this all-terrain vehicle looks almost exactly like a life-size version of our childhood toys – and fantasies, for that matter.

What Is the Sherp ATV?

The vehicle is essentially all wheel.  With 1.6 metre, self-inflating tyres, a whopping 70 percent of the ATV is taken up by its wheels.  The sight is daunting, to say the least, but this design is not simply pandering to domineering aesthetics; it’s functional.

Unlike some of the ATVs on the market, the Sherp ATV is actually meant for off-road driving.  And, when we say off-road, we’re not simply talking about the dirt road that leads to your favourite farmer’s market.  When we say off-road, we’re talking about jagged mountains, soft sand, sucking mud, relentless snow, unforgiving ice, and even deep water.  That’s right, you can even point the Sherp ATV at the surface of a lake and it’ll keep pushing forward.

A bit like the action heroes of decades past, the Sherp ATV is not exactly technologically assisted.  It’s less like Iron Man – using technology to give itself an unfair advantage – and more like Rambo in that it ploughs into battle using a bow and arrows.  The dashboard is unapologetically free of sophisticated instruments, and the cabin is built for purpose as opposed to primping.

Over and above its low-tech cabin is the fact that this particular ATV isn’t going to win any drag races.  The 1.5 litre diesel engine produces 44 horsepower, which takes the vehicle forward at about 44 km/h.  However, that speed basically stays regardless of what nature decides to throw into the path of this beast.

The Sherp ATV is essentially a steel box on top of four massive wheels.  But, in that simplicity lies its absolute appeal.  If we’re honest, we all still have the childhood impulse to demolish everything we see with our impossibly hardy vehicles, and this impulse is exactly what the Sherp ATV panders to.

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