Global Warming is a Scam According to a Top Scientist

global warming earth on fire February 2016

Do you believe in global warming?  With the current heat-wave South Africa is experiencing, as well as the drought that is threatening massive inflation, it doesn’t seem like this should even be a logical question.  Asking someone suffering from 30+ degree heat whether or not they believe in global warming is a bit like asking John Goodman if he believes in chocolate.  But, regardless of how silly the question might be, there is one very educated individual that feels global warming is a scam.

Hal Lewis is a respected US scientist associated with the University of California in Santa Barbara.  Or, rather, he was.  In 2010, Lewis sent the American Physical Society a brilliantly eloquent resignation letter, in which he cited his disillusionment as a result of the greed surrounding the concept of global warming as his chief reason for leaving.

Is Global Warming a Scam?

Lewis began his resignation letter by stating that he had joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years beforehand, when science was free of corruption.  In the letter Lewis stated that he expected very little compensation for his services, as science was, back then, known to be a career of passion rather than riches.  However, during his time with the APS, Dwight Eisenhower warned that the purity of science could well become corrupted by the pursuit of wealth.  This is something that Lewis feels was a very accurate prediction.

During his acclaimed career, Lewis saw World War II change the field of science from one associated with poverty to one associated with worldly gain.  By the end of his career Lewis believed that monetary gain was the chief motivational factor for many young scientists when joining the profession.

What Does Money Have to Do with Global Warming?

Hal Lewis believed, upon his resignation, that global warming is a scam – one invented to create trillions of dollars of unjustly earned revenue.  This, he believed, was and is the motivation for so many scientists being corrupted, which ultimately led to the perpetuation of the scam.

Lewis didn’t detail any evidence which would support his idea of global warming being a scam, but he did encourage anyone reading his letter (which was made public) to read what he called the ClimateGate documents.

Lewis himself was, quite clearly, very affected by the documents he mentioned, which led him to describe global warming as the biggest ‘pseudoscientific fraud’ that he has seen in his life as a scientist.

The documents mentioned in his resignation letter might be beyond the understanding of the layperson, so it’s difficult to say for sure if global warming is indeed a scam.  However, with the temperature certainly feeling as if it has risen profoundly over the past few decades, the so-called ClimateGate documents must contain some very interesting findings to prove the contrary.

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