What Really Happens When You Quit Sugar?

sugar written above sweets February 2016

So, you know sugar is bad for you, but you could swear that chocolate doughnut, complete with sprinkles and chocolate shavings, is literally calling your name.  Do you give into the urge and eat it, or do you resist?

That is the big question, and only you can answer it.  However, there are a lot of benefits to quitting sugar.  So, if you have the willpower, you might be handsomely rewarded.

Quitting sugar, however, is harder than just cutting back on the amount of sugar you drink in your coffee – the challenge goes further than resisting the urge to tell people that you’re sweet enough already.  There is hidden sugar in so many products that you have to be really careful about how you approach cutting sugar out of your diet.  That salad that you’re eating instead of a doughnut, for example, is covered in salad dressing that is absolutely loaded with sugar.

But, how to cut sugar out of your diet is best left for another article.  What we need to look at today is what will happen to you when you manage it.

Sugar Withdrawals

At first, it’s going to be really rough.  Your body likely relies on its sugar intake for energy and for natural rewards.  Depriving it is going to bring on withdrawals.  You might experience energy slumps and major sugar cravings initially, but those will pass.  It may take a week or two to get over the addiction, but your body will soon realise that it’s not getting any sugar despite throwing tantrums.

The Benefits of Quitting Sugar

After your body stops needing sugar you should see the benefits of your new diet coming hard and fast.  The benefits include:

  • No More Sugar Crashes: If you find that you start getting really tired halfway through the afternoon, and decide to boost your energy with a soft drink or a latte, you probably also find that the boost wears off all too soon and you crash. This is because sugars are processed so quickly by your body.  If you cut out sugars, you cut out crashes, too.
  • Slowed Ageing: Sugar is the catalyst in a reaction in your body that decreases the effect of collagen and elastin. By cutting sugar out, you get the full benefit of these elements, which effectively slows the ageing process.
  • Better Sleep: High blood sugar levels are a major culprit when it comes to insomnia. Falling levels after the initial rise also release hormones which stimulate the brain, thus waking it.  So, to avoid all this, and better your sleeping patterns, just cut sugar from your diet.

In addition to these benefits, a drop in sugar intake also makes it much easier to lose weight, and will open the door for a host of other benefits.  So, if you can make it through the initial withdrawals, you’ll find that quitting sugar was a far better idea than giving into that doughnut’s taunts (even if you do sneak a chocolate croissant in on a cheat day).

Image credit: http://inhabitat.com/cutting-back-sugar-in-your-childs-diet-can-improve-their-health-in-just-10-days/