The Ripple Coffee Machine Takes Consumer Art Literally

ripple coffee machine foam art February 2016

Forget peace and climate control; if there’s one thing the world needs it’s a way to make selfies appear in latte foam.  Fortunately for us, peace and climate control have less chance of being realised than Donald Trump’s dream of being president, but latte foam pictures are real, thanks to Ripple.

That’s right, a new innovation from the true artists at Ripple now allows users to link their phones to the Ripple Maker coffee machines and print their favourite photos right onto the foam.  These aren’t limited to selfies – the Ripple Maker has the ability to print absolutely any picture right onto the top of a latte.  So, if you want Kim Kardashian’s face to gently lap against your upper lip while you gossip over a cup of java, your whim is completely attainable.

Is the Ripple for Real?

If your mind is veering towards those terrible tattoo fails that sprawl across the internet, fear not.  Unlike the portrait of Miley Cyrus that ended up looking like an assault with a scorching iron, the Ripple’s pictures are incredibly clear.  We’re talking canine portraits in which each hair is incredibly detailed, and the shading is impeccable.

The machine works through a Wi-Fi connection, and receives images from users’ phones via a special app designed specifically for Ripple, called the Ripple Mobile App.  This app will be available from the iTunes store, meaning that users can simply download it and get ready to explore all of their wildest coffee dreams.

Once users send images to the coffee machine, it prints an exact likeness in the foam of the coffee.  While the company hasn’t disclosed exactly how it does this, we know that it uses something akin to 3D print technology.

This also presents a great opportunity for businesses to personalise their coffees.  Businesses will be able to access content uploaded to the app’s library by Ripple, and even create their own content which could showcase their brands.

Where Can I Get One?

Sadly, Ripple isn’t yet intending their machine for personal use, and aims to market it to coffee shops initially.  However, with the machine’s hefty price tag, it wouldn’t exactly replace the Ricoffy tin in South African homes very easily.  The machine is expected to sell for $999, and have an additional monthly service plan of $85.

So, if you’re sick of making those boring hearts in your morning latte, you’re going to have to bear it for a while longer.

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