These Tech Pieces Will Simplify Your Life

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So, the dream is to throw a pill into an empty bowl, microwave it for ten seconds, and then pull out a perfectly-cooked roast chicken.  Or, if cooking doesn’t bother you so much, your dream is anything that makes doing chores easier and allows you more free time to do things you really like (like cooking!).

Long story short, we want tech to make our lives simpler, easier, and faster.  But, while the roast chicken pill may be a few years away, there are some technological innovations that are well on their way to doing just that.

So, if you crave a little more tech-enabled simplicity in your life, here is some tech you need to know about.

3 Tech Trends to Simplify Your Life

  1. No More Grocery Shopping

So, you finish a hard day at the office and are feeling totally deflated.  All you want to do is go home, put on your comfy tracksuit pants, and watch 300 hours of Orange is the New Black.  Instead, you have to deal with the traffic on the way to the supermarket, find parking, weave your trolley through the crush, and then stand in line for 300 hours.

Fortunately, tech is on your side.  With online ordering apps you can simply pick the groceries you need and then arrange delivery to your home.  You can even set up weekly orders so you don’t even need to think about it.

  1. Easier Paperwork

So, you’re trying to join the first mini-donut appreciation committee but you can’t muster the willpower to print the registration form, sign it, scan it, and then email it back.  Fortunately there is a much easier way to handle document signing, and it’s called (wait for it) DocuSign.

While its name won’t win any awards for originality, its concept will win your heart.  You simply sign on your device using a stylus (or your finger if you don’t mind it sloppy), and the app attaches your signature to the necessary document.  Done and dusted.

  1. No More Traffic

We used to have to try to drive whilst reading maps or, even worse, following our friends’ awful directions.  Then, as if sent to us from the future, the GPS arrived.  Then we realised that GPS directions weren’t much better and insisted on steering us right into the nearest traffic jam.

Now Waze has come along, and we’re looking much better.  This beautiful piece of tech allows us to check possible obstacles in planned routes – like police blocks, congestion, accidents, etc. – and re-plan our routes accordingly.

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