These Companies are Awesome at Social Media

Social Media Icons February 2016

Recent months, and even years, have seen a debate arise over social media.  This is not to say that the debate was raging on social media, but rather that social media was the centre of the debate.  Essentially, some experts don’t think that it has the power that it once did, while others say it is more effective than ever.

Unbeknownst to these experts, certain companies have been quietly (and often not so quietly) rocking at social media, proving once and for all that it is still as important as it have ever been, if not more so.  Here is a look at these companies, and what they are doing right.

4 Companies with Amazing Social Media Pages

  1. Old Spice

Here is a perfect example of how a redesigned marketing campaign can prove highly successful.  Old Spice was pretty comfortable in its traditionalism, but that meant it appealed to a slightly older audience.  Then someone very clever had the idea to redesign the brand in order to have it appeal to a new audience.

The more energetic new face of the brand worked perfectly, as did the YouTube commercials starring Terry Crews.  Just a look at the laser-shooting helicopters on the brand’s Facebook banner says it all.

  1. Air France

This is another example of an inspired re-imagination.  Air France was just another airline, but then, through a brilliantly light and fun marketing campaign, it became more than that.  Tongue-in-cheek videos, wonderfully bright and pleasant photos, and a mixture of topical and entertaining social media posts have made Air France one of the most exciting airlines in the world.

  1. NASA

You might expect NASA’s social media pages to be dry as dust – full of facts that only rocket scientists might understand.  But, surprisingly, they aren’t.  The company cleverly used the release of The Martian to promote awareness of its future missions to Mars, posting interesting videos about how real Mars missions might differ from the movie, and which parts might be similar.

  1. GoPro

GoPro just completely got the concept of social media.  The company is lucky that its product begs engagement, so all it had to do was provide a platform for people to upload their videos.  However, the brand took it further than that, and has created somewhat of a phenomenon around its users’ videos – so much so that Virgin has a GoPro channel on some of its aircraft.

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