Prepare Yourself: McDonald’s Is about to Make You Healthier

McDonalds Next Salad Bar

If there is something cool coming out in the world – a tech gadget, piece of machinery, or new fashion trend – chances are good that Hong Kong is going to get it before anyone else.  And, to prove a point, this is true for McDonald’s Next; a new experimental chain of the restaurant aimed at testing out fresh ideas.

Go figure, Next has something that is about to shock the world – quinoa.  That’s right, all you need to do is drop the word somewhere public and you’re immediately regarded as a health guru, irrespective of your figure.  That same health superfood is coming to McDonald’s, and is set to feature in the Next restaurant’s new salad bar.

Aside from quinoa, the salad bar is set to feature all sorst of greens, different cheeses, and some tasty sauces – all aimed at getting health-conscious people through the doors of the fast-food chain.  However, those Hong Kongians who are still game to crush a week’s work of hard work at the gym with a heap of fried food won’t be disappointed, traditional fare will still be served.

Why the Health Push, McDonald’s?

Granted, this does seem like a bit of a strange move.  The brand has made oodles of money serving one of the least health-oriented meals on the market.  Why would it suddenly want to change its approach?

The answer to that question lies in necessity.  We’re talking about the company’s future market here – bearded, flannel-shirt-wearing millennials and the children they are currently producing.  These are folk that aren’t satisfied with greasy, fried, processed food.  They know what healthy eating is and, despite this, they like it.

The younger generations are classified by many things, but a big one is their proclivity for health.  If they’re not in the gym, they’re in the outdoors or, failing that, the organic market.  They know about nutrition, and are constantly debunking myths about healthy eating.

This is a tough market to try to tempt with burgers and chips – especially if those burgers and chips aren’t made from humanely harvested meat and organic vegetables.

This could be the reasoning behind McDonald’s’ decision to introduce a salad bar into their restaurants.  If current trends are showing us anything, it’s that millennials are leading the way in coolness.  If they like something, it becomes popular.

So, will the Next restaurant find its way to South Africa’s shores soon?  The company hasn’t commented on this yet, but it’s a smart bet.

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