Can You Really Rely on Defy?

Defy oven built in February 2016

If you had to ask the company itself whether you can actually rely on Defy, it would of course tell you that you can.  No surprises there.  But, what do the users of this brand’s products think about its slogan?  Well, they pretty much agree.

A quick sweep of the forums will show you plenty of satisfied customers’ testimonials.  And we’re not talking about the well-informed, grammatically perfect testimonials that seem strangely to have all been written by product-owning copywriters, we’re talking about poorly-worded, misspelled testimonials that could only have come from real customers.

One particular product owner said she was ‘weary’ when her husband bought a fridge without first consulting her.  But, whether or not this particular wife was growing tired of her husband buying her appliances, the fact remains that she (and many other like her) was very happy with her Defy product.

There are too many glowing accounts to, well, count.  It seems that Defy products make that little pink Duracell bunny look like a total quitter.  Some parents are saying that their ovens and fridges are older than their adult children, and still going strong.

Nearly three decades after the fact, your stove might look a bit dated, but it sure will have saved you an awful lot of money.  So, to get back to our original question, yes, it does appear that you can rely on Defy.  But, what makes this brand so good at creating products?

What is Different about Defy?

To answer this question we’d have to get specific about certain product features.  But, instead of going into detail, let us say with total confidence that this particular brand has experienced a great deal of success thanks to its tendency towards useful innovation.

We’re not saying that a stove that doubles as a ping-pong table wouldn’t be fun (and the flaming balls would be sure to add an element of exciting danger to the game), but that’s not exactly important to the act of cooking, is it?  More and more we see products featuring gimmicks that seem fantastic in-store but never see any use when the products are at home.

Defy, on the other hand, creates features that actually help their products function better, and create a better experience for their users.  A good example is a stove door that uses the natural airflow of rising heat to cool its door and keep it safe to touch.

Though its products range from traditional to completely innovative, this is one brand that values functionality over theatricality.

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