4 Tips for Survival in the Entrepreneurial Wilderness

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While survival in the wilderness has figures like Bear Grylls to help people make it out alive, there are no such figures when it comes to survival in business.  This is not because no one has ever had to face seemingly insurmountable odds and make out alive, but rather because this has happened to almost everyone who has decided to become an entrepreneur.

The amount of people who have started businesses and had them just take off make up a very small group of entrepreneurs.  As for the rest of us, we have to face many obstacles before our businesses succeed.  So, if you feel like you’re lost in the business wilderness and at the absolute end of your rope, hang in there.  We may not be Bear Grylls, but we think these survival tips might just save your business’s life.

Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs

  1. Take the Pain

Just like the wild, the business wilderness can dish out a fair amount of pain.  There may be times when you don’t have any income for several months, have to sacrifice precious family time, feel burnt out from excessively long hours, and are worrying about your debt.  You have to learn to take this in your stride, accept it for what it is, and then keep pushing forward.  Wallowing in the pain will only lead you to quitting, and that’s not part of your plan.

  1. Be Open to Risks

Granted, deciding to start your own company was a big enough risk, so you’re no stranger to it.  But, even if your comfort zone is larger than many other people’s, you have learn to keep pushing its boundaries.  Staying safe might make you feel better, but it won’t help you achieve what you set out to achieve.

That being said, don’t be reckless.  You might make several mistakes, but be sure to calculate your risk before diving in.

  1. Stay Positive and Healthy

Running a business can be extremely stressful, but it’s important that you don’t let that stress eat you up.  Don’t let the work you have to put in stop you from eating healthily or exercising.  Remember the old saying; a healthy body is a healthy mind.  If your body is in good shape, it’s easier to stay positive.

  1. Understand the Importance of Failure

Nobody wants to fail, but it teaches us some very valuable lessons.  Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they were only able to succeed because they failed enough to learn from their mistakes, and avoid those pitfalls the second time around.  So, if your first attempt doesn’t work out, accept it as part of your overall journey to success.

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