The Most Popular Google Searches of 2015

Google Trends screen Janaury 2016

One of the coolest things about Google is that it’s not secretive in the least when it comes to its data.  It tells marketers which words people are searching for, it tells websites how to show up better in its search results and, for fun, it tells us (the people of Earth) what our peers were searching for the most last year.

A quick look at Google Trends shows what everyone was most interested in during 2015.  This can be specific to countries or the world in general.  So, let’s look at the world, and see what was tickling everyone’s fancy last year.

Google Global Trends in 2015

  1. Paris

The terror attacks in November are, of course, still fresh in everyone’s minds.  But remember that January of 2015 also saw a Parisian newspaper attacked.  We Googled Paris a lot in 2015 to see what was going on following all this unrest.

  1. Jurassic World

June saw the release of Jurassic World, which rebooted the Jurassic Park series and put dinosaurs into three dimensions.  The film became the highest grossing movie of all time (at the time), and it would appear that online users were just as enthusiastic about it as cinemagoers were.


Released in April of 2015 on numerous platforms – including Android and iOS – this multiplayer action game proved massively popular.  Players adopt the role of a single cell in a petri dish and essentially have to swallow smaller cells to gain mass, all while avoiding being swallowed by bigger cells.  The game proved so successful and so popular that it was the third most popular search term of the year in 2015.

  1. Charlie Hebdo

This links back to the ‘Paris’ term that made number 5 on the Google list of popular terms.  Charlie Hebdo is the name of a satirical newspaper based in Paris.  January of last year saw this newspaper attacked by armed gunmen in response to its irreverent mocking of the Islam religion.  11 people were killed and a further 11 were injured in the attack.

  1. Lamar Odom

In case you’re not familiar with this name, Lamar Odom is a former professional basketball player, and husband of Khloe Kardashian, who was found in a brothel in Nevada, unconscious.  He had suffered several strokes and kidney failure.

So there you have it, the most searched people and events of 2015.  Did you contribute to their popularity, or is all this news to your ears?

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