It Turns Out Selfies Are Deadly

Freinds taking selfies car sunset January 2016

2016 has already been a dangerous year for fans of selfies.  Inside of the first month of the year, three Indian selfie-takers have lost their lives.  It seems like a bizarre reality with which we are faced, but this figure goes a long way to proving that we now live in a world where selfies can kill you.

The first two fatalities happened in Mumbai.  Three college students were by the beach at Bandra Fort.  The beach is lined with large rocks, on which the three friends were balancing in order to take a selfie.  Things went wrong and the three friends fell into the waters.

A brave onlooker, Ramesh Walunj, saw the scene unfolding and jumped into the water to help the students.  He was able to pull two of the three students from the water.  However, when he went back in to pull Tarrannum Ansari from the water, the strong current swept them both out to sea.

The third casualty of the year is Abhishek Gupta, a twenty-year-old sightseer.  While visiting the Bhimgarh Fort – a mountaintop fort – the young tourist posed for a selfie at the top of the fort.  Losing his footing during the photo, the young Indian fell from the top, sustaining head injuries during the fall which proved to be fatal.

Selfies a Threat in India

These three selfie-related deaths do not stand alone.  In India alone many more people died in 2015 as a result of selfie-taking.  Headlines were made last year when three students were killed by a train.  They had been posing in front of the oncoming train trying to get a perfect selfie, but were caught out by the train’s speed.

This story accompanied another drowning incident.  It was reported that seven men had drowned while in a boat.  The men had attempted to take a selfie and had all gathered on a single side of the boat in order to do it.  The boat capsized due to the imbalance and the men unfortunately drowned.

Are Selfies a Real Danger?

It is difficult to say whether selfies themselves are to blame for these deaths.  However, they are related to dozens of deaths which happen globally each year.

But, in retrospect, accidents happen all the time so it’s difficult to say that the act of selfie-taking is any more dangerous than simple hiking.  It seems that taking these photos does make certain people unaware of their environments, however, which might be a telling factor.

So, if you’re a fan of selfies, be safe and exercise a little more caution when in tricky spots.

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