Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg Sends Powerful Message Out to Women

mark zuckerberg in front of facebook sign January 2016

There’s been a slight change in Mark Zuckerberg lately, and we all know why.  Since the birth of his daughter he has moved from the ruthlessly driven entrepreneur behind Facebook to a warm, nurturing dad; completely mesmerized by his little bundle of joy.

The arrival of his daughter has had an effect on his professional life though, with Mark pledging to devote huge sums of money to help all the children of Earth receive equal opportunities when it comes to education.

So, with this in mind, it’s no surprise that the birth of his daughter has seen him thinking a great deal about women’s rights.  A recent online exchange between the Zuck and a grandmother named Dariene Hackemer Loretto.

Facebook Creator Speaks Out for Women

Dariene posted that she was campaigning for nerds, telling her granddaughters to date the ones in school in case they turn out to be the next Mark Zuckerberg.  The sentiment was entirely innocent, but Mark Zuckerberg saw a problem with the post.  In his reply he mentioned to Dariene that she should instead encourage her granddaughters to be the nerd in school.  That way they could be the next successful inventor and not have to rely on marrying well.

That message, in its simplicity is extremely powerful.  Though women are doing well in the new millennium – becoming strong political figures, moving into powerful occupations, starting successful businesses, taking film roles written for men, etc. – there still somehow seems to be this lingering idea that they have to marry rich or successful men to be successful themselves.

There is a good chance that, through her comment, Dariene Hackemer Loretto, was just trying to pay Mark Zuckerberg a compliment.  She probably has a great deal of faith in her granddaughters, and was just trying to hint that she was against the stereotype of high school girls always dating the star athletes, or wanting to.

However, it seems that, as things stand, some women still have an indoctrinated sense that they need to be dependent on men.  What Mark Zuckerberg is saying, in a very polite and placid way, is that they don’t.  And it’s completely true; women can do anything men can do, professionally speaking.  And, as we all know, outside of the professional environment they can do much more.

Hopefully Mark Zuckerberg’s message, short and delicate though it may be, is enough to inspire younger generations of women to go out and do things on their own, and have all the athletes wishing they could date them instead.

Image credit: http://fansided.com/2015/12/27/mark-zuckerberg-facebook-money-giveaway-hoax/