5 Reasons Why We Love FNB

FNB bank entrance Janaury 2016

Some people feel stronger about banking than others.  Some aren’t fond of fees while others accept them as just a part of modern society.  But, while there is no escaping banking fees, there are some banks that make up for them with brilliant service offerings.  We think FNB is one such bank, and here’s why:

  1. Free Swipes

Withdrawing cash at an ATM or in the bank itself does incur a fee, as is the case with many banks.  However, transactions are free when swiping your card to make purchases.  This means that you don’t have to carry cash on you, which is much safer, and you don’t have to worry about racking up charges during your shopping sprees.

  1. Free Cash Withdrawals

This is strange one to follow the previous point, we know.  Having said that FNB charges you to withdraw, we’re now saying that it’s free.  Well, the truth is that it’s free at some till points with Cash@Till.  This way you simply tell the cashier at a Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Boxer, or selected Spar store that you’d like to withdraw cash, and you get it on the spot.

  1. FNB eBucks

eBucks are a fantastic offering from FNB.  This way you earn money back just through buying the things that you would ordinarily buy.  You get between 0.75 percent and 40 percent of your purchases back in eBucks when you use your Gold Cheque Card.  Also, the eBucks store gives you discounts on a variety of goods, and you even stand to receive up to 40 percent discount on international flights.

  1. Bank Your Change

This is a great feature of the FNB service package that some customers don’t even know is a part of their package.  However, it’s a feature that is so useful that people are always happy to find out they have it.  Customers that have Savings Pockets linked to their accounts automatically benefit from the Bank Your Change feature, which is linked to their debit cards.

Essentially, when customers swipe their cards the ‘leftover’ cents from the purchase are automatically loaded into their Savings Pocket.  It does this for each purchase and it does it free of charge.  The result is a very easy way to save money, which accumulates faster the more customers use their cards.

  1. Airtime Rewards

A little bit of airtime here and there is useful, and it lets customers feel valued by their bank.  Every R100 spent at select stores, or through online or cellphone banking, will result in a reward of R5 airtime.  Again, this adds up quite nicely and customers can receive quite a nice chunk of airtime each month.

Image credit: http://localloans.co.za/fnb-branches/