4 Ways to Supercharge Your Web Traffic with PPC

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Organic SEO and content marketing are very important factors for building an online presence, but they work over the long-term.  Expecting these factors to start bringing in huge amounts of traffic right off the bat is a bit like expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after one trip to the gym.  This is why PPC (pay per click) is so useful in modern digital marketing.

We say ‘modern’ digital marketing because recently people have been wondering about the relevance of PPC.  With new approaches to digital marketing rising to the fore, are the tried and trusted methods still as good as they used to be?

The truth is that PPC is still critical to online marketing, and will continue to be as valuable in 2016.  It continues to give businesses great results, and do so quickly.  So, if you’ve been losing faith in PPC, don’t despair.  Here are four great tips for dramatically boosting web traffic through PPC.

4 Great PPC Tips

  1. Get Specific

    You want to be thinking about more than just targeted keywords.  Think of a PPC campaign as a group of elements coming together at once.  You want to affect the right customer with the perfect advertisement at the absolute best time.

So, when planning your campaign, you still need to target the right keywords.  However, you need to think of other factors, like your ideal customer’s location, and target that, too.

  1. Think Instantly

When you’re doing things organically, bringing in traffic can take months or even years.  However, PPC is pretty much instant.  A campaign you start one day could have great results the next.  This means that you need to be constantly monitoring the performance of the campaign.  If a particular element is not performing, don’t wait to see if it gets better, change it on the spot.

  1. Don’t Let the Campaign Do All the Work

PPC is about bringing leads to your website, that’s all.  After that the onus is on you to turn that lead into a customer.  So, if your landing page is a let-down for inbound traffic, your campaign is worthless.  Thus, optimise your landing page with your campaign so it is exactly what inbound users expect to see upon arrival.

  1. Maintain Momentum

A well-orchestrated campaign might prove so successful that you think you can take your foot off the accelerator and coast for a while.  This is a mistake.  You should keep pushing while the momentum is with you.  So, even though you might think PPC is a short-term strategy, keep it going over an extended period and build on your early success.

Image credit: http://www.coolnerdsmarketing.com/dont-just-dabble-5-reasons-to-dive-into-the-world-of-ppc/