Lily is Taking Selfies to New Heights, Literally

Lily selfie drone held by hand January 2016

If there was a time when selfies were considered slightly vain, that time has long since passed.  These days taking selfies is completely socially acceptable, and they make a lot more sense than asking a complete stranger to take photos of you while you’re on vacation.  The problem is that some selfies take a rather large amount of orchestration, which can mean that amazing background (like a beautiful sunset or a tap-dancing walrus) has disappeared by the time you get it right.  But, thanks to the ‘selfie drone’ from Lily, those days are gone, too.

Lily’s drone is actually a smart camera drone – with emphasis on the word ‘smart’.  It is programmed to follow you around and keep its camera more fixated than a Justin Bieber fan at an autograph signing session.

How the Lily Selfie Drone Works

If you can predict a few selfies in your immediate future, you don’t have to worry about getting your phone ready.  Instead, you just grab your Lily drone.  It instinctively knows to begin hovering when you throw it in the air and, from then on, it’ll stick to you like glue.

The selfie drone hovers at a distance of between 1.5 and 30 metres from you, and climbs to an altitude of between 1.5 and 15 metres.  It knows to follow your wherever you go, recording video or taking photos.  This means that you’ll absolutely never miss an amazing moment for a selfie.

The drone knows where you are through a tracking device that you wear on your wrist.  This also comes in handy if you find yourself heading towards any bridges because, unfortunately, the drone doesn’t have much provision against collisions.  So, if it’s wandering happily towards a low bridge or a tree, you just need to hit a button on your tracking device to tell the drone to hover.

Where to Get a Lily Drone

Lily’s drone is yet to hit the market, so you can’t just nip down to the local tech store to grab one.  However, these drones are available for pre-order, which saves you a bit of money as well.  They go for $799 as pre-orders, but the price is expected to climb to $999 when the drones hit the US market.  We might be paying a little more than that in South Africa, but we’ll have to wait and see.

So, if you find yourself more than a casual participant in the selfie culture, perhaps pre-ordering is the way to go.

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