You Absolutely Need These Gadgets in 2016

Soundwall Turns Hanging Art Into Wireless Speakers

Each new year takes us further into the future, and the gadgets that used to exist only in sci-fi movies are increasingly becoming a reality.  With this in mind, 2016 promises some fantastic gadgets that will both benefit our lives and entertain us greatly.

While many of the gadgets promised to us this year are still in the developmental stages, we hold out hope that they will be available well before the end of the year.  After all, competition is fierce and tech companies can’t risk being left behind by their competitors.  This all bodes well for us, the consumers, and means that we may have all of the following gadgets very soon.

Gadgets to Look out for in 2016

  1. Razer OSVR

An acronym for Open-Source Virtual Reality, the Razer is one of the first virtual reality headsets to reach the market.  It is being groomed for a variety of uses, but gaming stands to benefit greatly from its addition to the gadget world.  With gamers finally being able to achieve a truly immersive experience, this piece of tech is likely to prove very popular this year.

  1. The Swarovski Shine

The shine is a fitness tracker, which, we know, is a gadget that has been on the market for some time.  But this particular gadget represents an important turning point in tech – the moment when gadgets took fashion into account.  Featuring a gem-studded strap and a large crystal face –which uses solar energy to power the device – the Shine is set to be an extremely sought-after piece of tech for fashion-conscious fitness enthusiasts.

  1. Fuel 3D Scanify

3D scanners once weren’t very accessible to the consumer market.  They were exceptionally pricey and their weight made them very difficult to use.  The Scanify aims to change all that.  This gadget is handheld, easy to use, able to scan objects very quickly, and is reasonably priced when considering its predecessors.

  1. The Soundwall

Functional art is going to be very big in interior design this year, and the Soundwall looks set to contribute greatly to that trend.  On face value it looks like a big canvas with an artwork printed on its surface, but this piece of art can stream music.  This piece of tech looks like the precursor to a range of audio systems that double as modern masterpieces.

These are just four examples of the myriad of tech gadgets that are likely to hit the market this year.  With development like this, the modern era is making every day feel like Christmas.

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