Proof that the Future is Finally Here

Future sign in front of sky January 2016

So, you open your window, look out, and see that the city doesn’t quite look like something out of Back to the Future II.  But, though this might be the case, it doesn’t mean that the future hasn’t actually, officially arrived.

With tech making giant leaps forward every few months (or even weeks), we’re constantly finding that many of the futuristic gadgets that seemed so advanced in sci-fi movies of the ‘80s are now freely available to us, and look a whole lot better.

Can’t think of any off-hand?  Here are a few examples:

  1. Mars Rover

Mars is much, much further away that the moon.  But, despite this, the people at NASA still managed to put a radio controlled car on its surface and steer the thing around in real time.  It might not have the dramatic impact of having people walking around on its surface, but it’s a whole lot more practical.

  1. Drone Everything

There are drones that can latch onto the pattern on your t-shirt and follow you around, recording you like you’re in a third-person video game.  There are drones that are being prepped to deliver fast food and products bought from online stores.  Drones that can take selfies, drones that walk your dog… The list goes on.

  1. Prehistoric Cloning

Some Russian scientists have discovered the DNA of woolly mammoths and think that they might actually be able to clone the thing.  Yes, that sort is happening in your lifetime.

  1. Robots

A Chinese hotel has opted for robots instead of humans for its staff.  Though not every employee is a robot, the majority of the hotel’s staff is of the synthetic variety.  Just imagine robotic waiters, bartenders, and robot maids that won’t judge you even if you’ve gone all Fear and Loathing on your suite.  It’s the dream.

In addition, robots are taking on more responsible roles in modern society.  Robots are even writing news stories.  As it happens, in the moments preceding an earthquake in California last year, a robot predicted the quake, typed a story, and forwarded it to the Los Angeles Times.  The newspaper didn’t waste time publishing the news, meaning the whole story went from inception to publication in a matter of three minutes – slightly less than it would take a normal human to write this blog.

  1. The Future of Medicine

Modern medicine has arrived at a point where doctors are able to 3D print parts of humans.  This isn’t just for semi-cosmetic parts (like ears and noses), but also for actual, functioning organs.

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