This Is What the Future of Technology Will Look Like

future city technology next decade January 2016

Wanting to know what the future holds is a natural human trait. We predict the weather, the tides, and the possible fluctuations of stocks. So it’s only natural that we want to know exactly where technology is taking us.

With so much technological development happening this century already, it’s impossible to say where the human race will be by the end of it. However, based on current trends and global circumstances, we have some idea of what technology will offer us in the next decade or so. Prepare to be amazed.

Here are some possible technological innovations that the year 2025 might bring us:

  1. Consistent Food Production

With South Africa experiencing one of the worst droughts of its history, food production has been a major talking point of late. It thus seems appropriate to begin this list with the possible technological aids for the food production sector.

The drought has already had some producers in the market looking at alternate growing methods, which include advanced seeds that flourish in drier conditions. However, in the next decade this concept will likely be taken to new heights.

Genetic modification and advanced lighting should make indoor crop production the norm, allowing us remove climate change factors from the equation. This will provide year-long yields and change the face of traditional farming.

  1. Solar Power

Granted, this technology is not new to the world. However, there are very few homes and industrial structures which rely solely on solar power. This could well change over the next few years. We already know from Eskom that energy demands are placing strain on nations with insufficient infrastructure, so the world will likely rectify this by making solar power the dominant power source.

  1. Ultimate Connectivity

The Internet of Things is likely to be integrated into cities in the near future, which will be able to better manage themselves through data supplied by pavements, streetlamps, roads, etc. regarding the amount of human congestion. Wireless communications improvements are heading in a way that this technology will apply to our personal lives as well.

  1. Green Transport

Hybrid technology through energy recovery is already being used by racing cars, and it is likely to spread to commercial transit in the future. This won’t only apply to hybrid land vehicles, but could see aircraft making use of lithium-ion batteries and alternate fuel sources too.

As we know from the fact that the stock markets have a tendency to crash, predicting the future is impossible. But, with global circumstances leading to focussed areas of development, the above proposals could well be a reality in the next decade.

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