These Drivers’ GPSs Tried to Kill Them

Drivers GPS almost kills them Biggy News

‘Turn right in… recalculating.’  Somehow this would be less irritating if the voice was less smug.  But, as it turns out, you’re stuck facing oncoming traffic, are already 20 minutes late for your meeting/job interview/ date, and are trying to rip your GPS off your windscreen but the suction cup seems just as superior as the voice telling you what a bad driver you are.

Fortunately, we’re all in this together.  Our global positioning devices all think we’re idiots.  Unfortunately, they have become a necessary evil.  However, there are those among us who seem to have been singled by their GPSs for particular abuse.

Here are some drivers whose GPSs hated them:

These Drivers Who Took the Scenic Route

GPS leads van into frozen puddle January 2016

Man plays guitar in front of car in puddle January 2016


These poor people pushed ‘Continue’ when their GPSs told them that the route involved dirt roads.  Fortunately, in the case of the car, there was a happy backpacker that came upon them and decided to cheer them up with a folk song while they waited for a tow truck.

These People Who Fully Believed the GPS’s Lies

GPS leads intern to wrong place January 2016

GPS leads driver to wrong place January 2016


So, we’ve all been in the situation before.  You’re looking for City Hall but you’ve just passed 14 cows, a tractor, and a sign that says, “Welcome to Nowhere, Population: 7.”  At this point, most of us turn around and choose to rely on instinct instead.  However, some people stick it out and trust their robotic leaders.  This is the price they pay.

This Guy Who Used the GPS Location Finder

GPS leads driver to abandoned restaurant January 2016


Often a GPS is bad enough when you have the actual co-ordinates of the place you’re looking for.  But, when you give the GPS the power to decide your location for you, well, bad things happen to good people.  This driver just wanted a nice place to have dinner, but instead wandered right into a horror movie.

The Person Who Customised Their GPS’s Voice

Car launched into barn January 2016


The overly calm voice can get a little irritating at times, so some devices allow users to download alternate voices to keep their trips fun.  This person must not have realised that the Evel Knievel voice also enabled stunt driving.

This Person Who Thought Their GPS Was Better than Their Eyes

Car hits concrete wall because of gps January 2016


Here again, trust in your GPS should go out of the window when its steering you towards a concrete face.  At least this answers the old ‘Would you jump off a cliff if you were told to?’ scenario.

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