Predicting the Spring/Summer Fashion Trends of 2016

Predicting Summer Fashion Trends South Africa 2016

Because of our inverse seasons, South Africa’s fashion trends are always around six months behind northern hemisphere fashion.  However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.  While it means we don’t get clothing fresh from the catwalks, we do have the benefit of seeing how this clothing works on the streets for a season, which gives us a better idea of its practicality.

So, for a glimpse of what we can expect after our weather turns cold and then starts warming up again, here is what is trending for the northern hemisphere spring/summer range in 2016:

Jungle to Concrete Jungle

The idea of using the concrete jungle as inspiration for a blend of city couture and wilderness wear has been a long time coming.  This year we can expect to see a re-imagination of traditional military and safari clothing.  Utilitarian meets high fashion as designers use colours, fabrics, and design features all drawn from the functional fashion of the bush, but repurposed to suit the urban jungle.

The Right Stripes

Stripes have been very carefully incorporated into clothing in recent years.  Horizontal stripes can be unflattering, and too many stripes in a single outfit can clash horrifically.  That notion, however, is being thrown out of the window this season.  Expect stripes to be bold and abundant, and most of all, matched with other stripes.

Apparent Transparency

Fashion has long flirted with the shock factor, and so the idea of sheer panels in female clothing is not something altogether new to the runway.  However, this season will see fashion place less emphasis on seduction or surprise and use sheer fabric as a way to bring a playfully free feel to couture.  Expect to see sheer fabric used in exciting, flowing outfits that lend themselves to some fun in the sun.

The Happy Blues

Blue is definitely going to be hot colour for this summer’s fashion trends.  It won’t be tied to any particular style, but it will feature heavily in a variety of lines.  Designers have already used blue as the foundation for garments ranging from Japanese-inspired wraps to sheer sundresses.

Ruffle and Flow

Certain designers aren’t quite as enthusiastic when it comes to exposing skin, and are instead drawing inspiration from the very covered clothing of the 1800s.  Some of this summer’s looks will include high necks, capes, and delicate ruffles.  Expect dark colours to accompany these slightly gothic garments.


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