How Well Do You Know Miss South Africa?


With Miss South Africa 2016 just a few short weeks away, now is a great time to look back at current Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie.  Liesl will surely be sad to pass on her crown and her title when the new Miss South Africa is announced in March of this year, but she will be happy with what she has achieved during her reign.

Last March saw Liesl Laurie crowned Miss South Africa in a grand ceremony at the Sun City Super Bowl.  In her acceptance speech, Liesl said that she was looking forward to seeing more of South Africa and, more importantly, connecting with its people.  She said that Miss South Africa is supposed to be an inspiration – a beacon of hope – and that she hoped she could inspire individual greatness in the people of South Africa.  So, now her reign is coming to an end, has she lived up to her own expectations?

Liesl Laurie as Miss South Africa

From the moment she was crowned it was apparent that Liesl had the credentials to be a fantastic Miss South Africa.  Aside from being a striking beauty she has an undeniable sense of style and grace and a strong message.  In addition, she has the intellect necessary to be an ambassador for South Africa, having received a B.Com from the University of Johannesburg.  Also we knew she was incredibly proud of her roots in Eldorado Park – a pride we suspected would radiate out to the whole of South Africa.

These are all the ingredients necessary to make a great Miss South Africa.  And, as it would turn out, a great Miss South Africa is what we received.

Since being crowned, Liesl has dedicated a great amount of time to making good on her promises.  She has strived to become a beacon of hope for the people of South Africa by representing our country on the international stage of Miss World, which was held in China.  But, more than this, Liesl has devoted effort to inspiring greatness in South Africa’s youth and empowering young women.  She used her affiliation with Cell C to promote the ‘Take a Girl Child to Work Day’, which aimed at allowing learners to reach for their dreams.

Liesl has also focussed on charity work which encompassed feeding underprivileged children and actively participating in the Cancer Shavathon.  Although, if you’re worried, Liesl still has her locks since she was doing the shaving, not having her head shaved.

With a current Miss South Africa like Liesl Laurie, the new Miss SA will have some big shoes to fill when she is crowned in March this year.


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