How to Conquer the Fear of Living in South Africa

Conquer the fear of living in South Africa 2016

Okay, we’re not completely blind to the situation – South Africa does have its fair share of fear-inducing situations.  The crime stats are higher than a hippie at 4:20 and we never know when we’ll see another Nataniël/Gordon Ramsay commercial on TV.  It all adds up to make some of us more nervous than a primary school recorder player who realises that a solo rendition in front of the whole school is a bad idea, just as he takes the stage.

But, when we stop to think about it, we actually have it better than a lot of countries out there.  The rand may be weaker than Cell C’s signal strength, but we have an absolutely beautiful country that doesn’t have half of the political issues facing some of the world’s nations.

So, if you’re one of the nervous ones among us, how do you conquer your fear of living in South Africa enough to truly enjoy its many fantastic offerings?  Fortunately, there are a few things that might help:

  • Be the Little Engine That Could

In essence, think you can!  Your brain is extremely important when it comes to motivation.  Remember walking into your matric exams having only picked up a book to study that very morning and thinking that you don’t stand a chance at passing?  Well, did you pass?  Okay, maybe you can’t will yourself into everything, but knowing full well that you can conquer your fear is one of the most important steps you can take.

  • Pinpoint Your Fears

If you ask yourself what you’re afraid of and the answer is ‘everything’, you’re being far too vague.  You’re not honestly scared of the ladybird that just landed on your geraniums, are you?  Do some soul searching and decide exactly what makes you scared, then focus on combatting that particular fear.

  • Bring in Help from Your Best Character Traits

Playing to your strengths is always a good idea as it can drastically increase your confidence.  So, if you are gifted with a sublime sense of humour, help yourself conquer your fear by laughing your way through it.  If, however, your greatest talent is drinking, perhaps focus on building some better character traits.

  • Don’t Dwell on the Past

If your fear comes from a bad experience, don’t spend every moment reliving it.  Accept that it happened to you, and use it to determine how to better handle that sort of situation in the future.

  • Face Your Fears

This one is a cliché for a reason – it works.  This is not to say that, if you’re scared of being hijacked, you should drive through the city at midnight with your windows open and doors unlocked.  However, learning how to best handle and avoid hijacking situations might help you feel less threatened by the possibility.

No country is without its faults, and, as countries go, we’ve been blessed with one of the most magical ones in the world.  So, if you are struggling with fear, now is the time to confront it so that you can enjoy the numerous wonders South Africa has to offer.


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