Can a Century of Fashion Fit into Three Minutes?

A century of fashion in three minutes

Two and a half minutes might not seem nearly enough time to span 100 years of fashion, but the creative and inventive people at Mode managed to pull it off.  Standing side by side, a female and male model keep relatively still as stylists use them to recreate the most memorable looks from each era.

Watching the video, it is remarkable to witness how clothes themselves have stayed relatively similar – a dress for girls and pants and shirt for guys – but the wearing of those clothes has influenced some iconic looks.  Here is a taste of some of the video’s looks:

1920s: The Jazz Age

1920s fashion female and male January 2016


The US in the ‘20s saw young people living the American Dream.  Through honesty and hard work they were making lots of money, and the fun and happy look of their fashion represented this.  Guys wore light colours and girls wore breezy dresses that would let them get their knees up while dancing to the rambunctious jazz of the era.

1940s: The Post-War Era

1940s fashion female and male January 2016


World War II had taken a lot out of many of the world’s nations, emotionally and financially.  As food rations limited frivolous living, clothing took on a more utilitarian feel.

1960s: The Mod Movement

1960s fashion female and male January 2016


As the success of British bands like the Beatles made it over to the US, fashion there adopted the ‘mod’ spirit of London’s swinging ‘60s, while celebrating its own culture with the rise of surf bands like the Beach Boys and the rise of fashion icons like Jackie Onassis.

1970s: Disco Inferno

1970s fashion female and male January 2016


The late ‘60s gave rise to flower power and the hippie movement, which gave a far more natural feel to clothing.  This spirit extended into the ‘70s, which refined it to suit the popularity of the disco movement.  The free, natural feel of hippie fashion became slightly more stylised – all the better to suit a night out at the ever-so-fashionable Studio 54.

1980s: Hairspray Heaven

1980s fashion female and male January 2016


The futuristic sounds of synthesiser pop became a soundtrack to fashion’s move from the disco era into something more modern looking.  Ladies wore luminous make-up and loads of hairspray and men rocked mullets and aimed to look like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

Present Day: Hipster Sleek

2015 female and male fashion January 2016


High fashion has blended with formal to create a look that works in board-rooms and bars alike.  We certainly have come a long way from the year 1915.

For a full look at the evolution of fashion over the last century, check out this highly creative video from Mode:


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