Apple Is Changing the Game Again

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Apple released the iPhone 6s in October last year, and the response was frantic, as it is with almost every release.  The brand’s penchant for innovation manages to create a hype surrounding its new products with without aggressive marketing.  But, aside from innovative new product features, this iPhone release comes with some innovation with regards to brand operation as well.

Apple recently announced a new feature of the brand itself which will play beautifully into the hands of those tech enthusiasts who just love to have the latest of everything.  It is simply called the iPhone Upgrade Program, and it has fans of the tech brand just as excited about it as they are the phone itself.

The iPhone Upgrade Program comes in response to people’s mounting frustration with contracts offered by the cellular networks the world over, where the 24 month contract seems to be a global standard.  These were originally introduced to keep the monthly repayments lower, given that they are stretched over a longer period, but they have recently come under fire for two fundamental reasons.

The Problem with Mobile Contracts

Firstly, the 24 month period covered by cellular providers simply doesn’t coincide with the release of the latest tech.  Specifically, if Apple brings out a new phone every year, users under contract can only take advantage of every second offering, which simply isn’t good enough for those who love the new features of each release.

Secondly, mobile users have become aware of how much they are actually paying for phones.  The price of the phone is built into the contract and paid off monthly.  However, users have found that, when the price of the phone has been reached, monthly instalments don’t automatically decline.  Customers that keep their phones for more than a two year period then end up paying for a phone that they have already purchased.

How the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program Works

People who want the latest iPhone now have an alternative.  They can essentially lease the phone from Apple itself and then elect for pre-paid service.  This may result in higher payments for the phone, but it is an alternative that people are likely to embrace.  Why?  Because they won’t be limited to a phone for a two year period.

When the latest version of the iPhone is released, people using the upgrade program will be able to swap their current phones for the new model and not have to increase their monthly payments, providing they don’t go for a higher model in the series.

Paying a little more for an unlocked phone that can be used on any network and upgraded at any time is not likely to irritate iPhone fans.  While time will tell how this feature is received, it stands to be yet another great innovation on the part of the tech giant.

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