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Pet Insurance

Our domestic animals are far more than just pets. To a responsible pet owner, they are a huge part of the family. Given the opportunity, would not want to take care of your beloved furry children and make sure that they are well looked after? Of course you would.

Pet medical insurance will cover expensive routine and emergency veterinary visits as well as treatments and surgeries for any accidental injuries. Cover can also include a range of illnesses such as ear infections, wasp or bee stings and even cancer or diabetes.

There are also options for preventative care like vaccinations, tick, flea and worm control, spaying, sterilization and depending on the extend of the cover you select, teeth cleaning and even cremation.

Although it is not as complicated as choosing a medical scheme for humans, the process of finding a suitable pet insurance can be daunting with an increasing number of options available to select.

As with most insurance policies there are some exclusions that are aimed at keeping your premiums low. Some of these include: elective procedures, pregnancy, behavioural issues, and pre-existing conditions that were picked up before taking out the insurance policy.

Not all vets will see your pet, so make sure that you do your research before taking out any insurance. To assist you with simplifying your research, check out the website and we can help you compare quotes and schemes in order to assist with your decision.

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